About the Company

The linguistic company BALAJCZA Linguistic Services, with its headquarters in Warsaw, has had a market presence since 2010.

Our products and services are addressed to companies, institutions as well as private individuals. We specialize in translations that require expertise and a professional approach, particularly in the field of finance, law and technology and sworn translations.

We work with a group of over 1500 translators, each with an average of 10 years of relevant experience. They are selected on the basis of their work quality, reliability and punctual deliveries.

Despite adhering to traditional values, but we are willing to innovate and use new technologies that help us to respond better and even faster to the needs of our clients.

Attractive discounts are available to our regular clients as well as those who need a little persuasion to try us for the first time.


Our Team

Team of BALAJCZA Linguistic Services

20 translators in-house

1500 translators and interpreters all around the World, including:

  • 300 translators native,
  • 400 certified translators,
  • 150 verificators.

70 teachers, including:

  • 40 native teachers.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support the business of our clients by providing them with professional and quality translations.


BALAJCZA Linguistic Services Vision:

- a reliable company that provides comprehensive linguistic solutions (translations, interpreting, language courses),

- to be a recognizable brand on the translations market by providing the highest level of services,

- a company that facilitates interaction between people and their access to knowledge and information,

- a company that helps people communicate despite language barriers,

- a company that builds long-lasting, trusting relationships with its clients,

- we want our clients to experience our personal approach.


We act in accordance with our values. These are:

- top quality language solutions

Our translations are of the highest quality. This is primarily achieved through the experience, expert knowledge and professionalism of our translators and interpreters.

- professional customer service

It is our goal, for our clients to feel secure in the knowledge that their translations are in good hands. That their needs will be looked after.

- fairness and commitment

We will deal with your orders efficiently. All your questions are answered promptly and orders processed as quickly as possible. We will be glad to accommodate your needs and requirements. Attractive discounts are available to loyal clients.

- social responsibility

Guided by the principle, that one should not only take but also give in life, we support a number of charities.

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Memberships in Commercial Chambers

Organizations and associations which BALAJCZA Linguistic Services is a member of:





French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland






Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Poland

Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Poland



Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Poland



Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce



FINEXA Association of CFO's


Our Partners

Our partner companies:


MediaMobil comprises a well oiled team of experienced, ambitious and creative experts within the scope of out of home (outdoor) visual advertising as well as all its mobile forms.


Vital Voices Poland (Fundacja Głosy Kobiet)

Vital Voices Poland is the Polish arm of Vital Voices Global Partnership, established in 1997 by Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. The mission of the organisation is to invest in women with leadership potential in Europe and Asia.


PWnet Association

The PWnet Association aims to bring together professionally active women, support women's professional and personal development and establish a platform for the exchange of views, experiences, interests and contacts as well as to promote an image of an entrepreneurial female.



Professional online surveys.



EPWN - European Professional Women's Network

PWN Global is a dynamic fast-growing offline and online networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries. With over 3,500 members and more than 90 nationalities, this volunteer-led organisation delivers over 600 events a year in a community of 24 city networks.





The number of satisfied clients of BALAJCZA ustomers is constantly growing! Please find below some selected references (available only in Polish). We would be happy to send you some more. Please contact us at balajcza@balajcza.pl


Dekra Industrial Sp. z 0.0. places orders for technical documents translations, primarily within the scope of the construction and building, electrical, sanitary as well as geo-technical industries. We are satisfied with the quality and punctuality of completed translations, as well as communication with BALAJCZA.

Production and Quality Coordinator
Dekra Industrial Sp. z 0.0.

I hereby confirm that translations delivered by BALAJCZA Specialized Translations are always in accordance with our specifications in terms of deadlines, and that the services provided by BALAJCZA are always of the highest quality.

Authorised Representative
Cheque Dejeuner Sp. z o.o.

Polskie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. recommends with full responsibility the BALAJCZA Specialized Translations Agency as an honest and trusted partner.

Board Director
Polskie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A.

All translations are conducted in a professional and honest manner, and the quality of translations represents a very high standard. Deadlines are always met, which is very important, because part of our translations need to be performed in express mode.

Director of the Cost Management and Operation Office
Centralny Dom Maklerski PEKAO SA

We are very pleased with the previous co-operation with the Agency and we would like to recommend BALAJCZA as an honest partner of our company.

Accreo Taxand

At BALAJCZA all our translations have been conducted in an honest and professional manner. We enjoy a smooth co-operation with the office staff and theirs flexibility towards our needs.

Board representative
PL.2012 Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

We are exceptionally happy with the pricing of the services. We appreciate the multicultural approach of the agency towards business, resulting in translation services being offered in all languages in the world.

Communication Director
Auchan Polska

All services carried out by BALAJCZA are always well prepared with a great staff commitment and the required focus on the specific character of the sector our company represents.

Randstad Poland Sp. z o.o.

All translations have been done in a very professional and honest manner. Furthermore the agency is showing the highest standard of individual customer relation management and maintains well the relationship within those.

Operation Specialist
EDF Energia Sp. z o.o.

Very often we require translations being conducted in a very short period of time, and BALAJCZA would always deliver those quickly and with a great accuracy and professionalism.

Administration Specialist
Leroy Merlin Polska Sp. z o.o.

CEF International LTD

We’ve always been able to rely on BALAJCZA Specialized Services to provide top quality and accurate translations. (...) Whether in terms of quality or punctuality, BALAJCZA has always lived up to our expectations. (...) For us, working with BALAJCZA Specialized Translations is an assurance of professional service, provided by specialists in given disciplines, a team geared towards Customer needs.

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Leach & Lang

(...) We are perfectly happy with the quality, price and turn-around time of translations projects. The professionalism of translators involved with proofreading, both in terms of writing style and content, is an additional bonus. We also value the friendly atmosphere of the BALAJCZA team and their willingness to help in all situations.(...)

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Making a difference

We have been working with BALAJCZA Specialized Translations for some time now, and based on the experience thus far, we are looking to continue to do so in the future. (...) We are happy with the quality of their service. (...) Meticulousness, commitment and flexibility of their staff, all in a friendly atmosphere is worthy of a recommendation. (...)

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over 10 000






over 300



Firma BALAJCZA sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich i jest beneficjentem Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020, oś priorytetowa III ”Wsparcie innowacji w przedsiębiorstwach”, Działanie 3.3  Wsparcie promocji oraz internacjonalizacji innowacyjnych przedsiębiorstw”, Poddziałanie 3.3.1 „Polskie Mosty Technologiczne”.