Written translations

Written translations

When it comes to translations, you have several options to choose from:

  • specialised option

This option applies to texts, the understanding and translation of which require professional knowledge. These are always assigned to a translator specialising in the given filed. The types of specialised translations we most often deal with include:

  • financial and banking
  • legal
  • patents
  • economic
  • commercial
  • business
  • technical
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • IT
  • marketing and PR
  • EU documents
  • web pages (www)

If the specialised option is selected, our translator, while translating the text, takes into account the client’s recommendations. The translator also performs a self-proofread of the translation.

  • specialized PLUS option

Under this option, the translation that requires professional knowledge in a given subject is performed with the additional proofread by a second translator specialist.

  • sworn translations

These type of translations apply to official documents: identity cards, deeds, legal documents, diplomas, copies of registers, etc. Sworn translations are delivered in writing and certified with an official stamp and the translator’s signature, confirming that the translation reflects the source document (authentication). Sworn translations are prepared at the request of public offices, courts, and also for the needs of public procurements.

Sworn translation, or certified translation is a type of translation performed by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a type of translator who received their translation rights from the Ministry of Justice and is registered as such. To become a Sworn Translator there is a requirement to sit a special examination put together and run by the Ministry of Justice. In Poland, a sworn translator can provide services according to the Act on the Profession of Sworn Translator. This Act entered into force on 27th January 2005. Sworn translations are usually required by state offices, courts, police, prosecutor’s offices and organisations running tender processes.

  • proofreading and verification of a third party translation

This is an extra service, which BALAJCZA offers its Clients within the scope of its translation services.

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