Financial translations

Financial translations

Financial translations are one of BALAJCZA’S specializations.

We have extensive experience in translating all kinds of financial documents, including:

  • periodic reports
  • annual reports
  • opinions of auditors
  • income statements
  • balance sheets
  • business plans
  • compliance documents
  • cash flow statements
  • government tax reports
  • board meetings minutes
  • guidelines for financial reports
  • documents related to insurance
  • PR and marketing documents
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • financial statements
  • inancial presentations
  • private and public donations
  • agreements between shareholdersannual reports

Our experience shows that global companies always require specialized translation services for presenting documents, reports and statements to different regulatory organizations. We are aware that both public and private companies are looking for highly specialized translation services, when they carry out international operations, in order to support their global business processes. They also take advantage of translation services so as to comply with local administrative requirements.

We know that financial translations require the highest accuracy. To perform this type of work the translator has to have specific knowledge of the business practices in different countries. Only highly specialized translators possess this particular knowledge, which is needed in order to perform financial translations. The accuracy of our financial translations is guaranteed because we use:

  • qualified translators

Our financial translators have a background in economics and/or accounting. They have extensive experience in the use of  specialized terminology in the financial sector and they understand the specific rules of formatting, numbering and terminology of the financial language in which they translate.

  • Specialist dictionaries and terminology for spot on and coherent translations

With the aid of BALAJCZA’s language solutions, every business has access to professional translation services. At BALAJCZA we satisfy the demand for highly specialized translation services due to the fact that we are familiar with the financial market and the applicable regulations. We know how important the quality of financial translations is.

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